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the tiktok princess


Gaitlyn Rae is a very happy 10 year old Capuchin Monkey who has become a Facebook,TikTok, & Youtube superstar. Gaitlyn has a following of over 10 million people and is growing exponentially. Gaitlyn is now active on most social media so make sure to stay connected to her and never miss her cute smile!


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  • Personal Stats
    I will be 8 years old June 20th, 2020 My name is Gaitlyn Rae, like Gatlinburg, TN Single, not looking Yes, I wear diapers Yes, I have earrings
  • How long have I been with my family?
    I have been with my family since I was 8 weeks old.
  • What breed am I?
    I am a Capuchin Monkey
  • Do I have my teeth?
    Yes, I have my teeth and my mom helps me brush and floss them regularly.
  • Was I rescued?
    This is a yes and no question. I was not rescued from a bad sitation or anything like that, but because my family took me in, I was able to keep from getting into a bad situation. I like to think I was rescued because if it wasn't for my family there is no telling where I would have ended up or how I would have been treated. I was born in the US - no my family didn’t capture me from the wild. Not born in the wild there for I wouldn’t survive in then wild.
  • Where can I get a monkey?
    DO NOT ASK US WHERE TO BUY A MONKEY DO YOUR RESEARCH. Monkeys are not for everyone or kids as they take a lot of work care etc for what could be 40 years. We are not against ownership we are against irresponsible ownership. Many go home to home because people don’t understand the commitment and care. They are not to be left home and caged.
  • Why am I on a leash?
    You will see me on a leash at times for my safety. I am a monkey and extremely smart. Example stoves on and not all eyes are on. Do you want to sit in a cage? NO so for my protection I’m on a long lead so I can run the room and be safe.


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